Hi, I'm Sheridan

Author, Speaker, Broadcaster

I am the author of seven books, including The Making of Us: Who We Can Become When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned, I am a presenter of Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2 and a regular contributor to other media, I am married to Merryn, am walking buddy to a cute canine named Rupert, and I speak at conferences and events around the world.

Sheridan Voysey

What I Do.

I help people craft deeply meaningful lives through:

Personal development isn't enough. We need spiritual life at the core of our being through practices like prayer, play, reflection and wonder

Beautiful things can emerge from life not going to plan. It can even be the making of us. We just need to recycle our adversity into growth, wisdom and service

Each of us has a unique role to play in history's drama shaped by our stories, talents, challenges faced and the voice God

Very little that is meaningful, joyful or sustainable is done alone. We need deep connections with others through community and soul friendships

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