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Reviews are quickly coming in for Resurrection Year I’m doing dozens of radio interviews about the book, and bloggers are writing wonderful reviews. Key reviews and interviews are listed here.

In Print

Publishers Weekly: ‘Though the specifics are about the couple’s desire to have a child, readers who have suffered disappointment of any kind will be able to relate. Voysey’s skill with the written word fine-tunes the brutal honesty of what the couple feels…’

Christianity Today: Listed as ‘New and Noteworthy’ in books for May 2013 edition.

War Cry magazine (cover story): ‘Broadcaster Sheridan Voysey and his researcher wife Merryn talk to Barry Gittins about infertility and resetting life goals and dreams.’

Eureka Street: ‘Resurrection Year delights with a surprising vitality. This is a book motivated by a lightness of being, propelled by the author’s need to reconcile with a “God who is sometimes silent but never absent”.’

Insights Magazine: ‘For those who heard Voysey on the syndicated radio program “Open House”, and then listened as he handed over the reins suddenly to Leigh Hatcher, this book explains the heartache behind those hard decisions.’

Christianity Magazine: ‘”We have to ground our identity in the truth that we are beloved children of the Father,” says writer and broadcaster Sheridan Voysey, who with his wife went through ten years of dashed hope and failed IVF cycles.’

Eternity Newspaper: ‘Voysey finds ironic humour in that painful process, and writes with verve and freshness of their delight as, like a honeymoon couple, they taste places like Rome and Paris and spend time at L’Abri, Switzerland.’

Bethany Christian Services: ‘This book provides no easy answers but provides great insight into the spiritual questions of so many couples facing infertility: Why is God silent? Why are my prayers unanswered?

The Advocate (page 12): ‘There is a time for letting a dream die so you can grieve, adjust, and move on to the next thing God has for you.’

Homecoming Magazine: ‘…will walk readers through a particular valley to the place where they can dare to abide paradox and embrace the mystery.’ Review by Gloria Gaither.

Radio, TV, Video

A selection of the dozens of interviews I’ve done:

Discover the Word, US

Words to Live By, US

BBC Radio 2 Good Morning Sunday, UK, with Clare Balding

Open House, Australia, with Leigh Hatcher. The first interview aired about our story

BBC Radio 5 Live, UK, with Stephen Nolan (interview here)

BBC Radio Oxford, UK, with Malcolm Boyden (interview here)

The Mary Jones Show, Connecticut (audio coming soon)

ABC Toowoomba, Breakfast with David Iliffe

ABC Hobart, Evenings with Helen Shield

Divine Calling, with Stephanie Riggs, Denver (interview here, 37min in)

98five Sonshine FM, Perth, with Rodney Olsen

Premier Radio’s Woman to Woman, UK, with Maria Rodrigues

Chris Fabry Live!, US, with Chris Fabry

Starting Over: a 4-Part Conversation on Resurrection Year, US, at

Cross Rhythms, UK, with Jon Bellamy (full transcript)

History Makers, AU, with Matt Prater

Record in Focus TV, AU, with Kent Kingston

Riverview Live TV, AU, with Hadyn Nelson


Centre for Public Christianity, AU

Stay Happily Married podcast, US

In Search of Fertility podcast, US

Resurrection Year-Related Articles

The Change Blog: Turn Your Broken Dream into a New Beginning

Just the Two of Us: ‘We have to ground our identity in the truth that we are beloved children of the Father,’ says writer and broadcaster Sheridan Voysey ‘Experiencing a broken dream in your life can make you feel as if your hope has died along with your dream. But broken dreams are more than just endings; they’re also opportunities for new beginnings.’ ‘The call came to my wife’s mobile phone on Christmas Eve, 2010.’

After the Wilderness: ‘How do you move after years of broken dreams?’

In which the dream has died – now what?: ‘There comes a time to relinquish a dream. So God can give you a new one.’

On the Blogs

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